Berliner Weisse

Since we’re featuring Berliner Weisse this month, here’s a video from that explains the style:

FXBX Now Sells Kegs!

For those of you hosting events or need to fill an empty kegerator, the Brew Exchange can now be your go-to for kegs.  With the help of our many distributors we have access to a large variety of brands and styles to fill your needs.


FXBX Back to School Sale

The entire month of Sept. is back to school month for the Brew Exchange! All teachers and school employees will get 10% off in the month of Sept. Just show your school ID/Badge at the register. Tell your friends and welcome back to school!

August is Virginia Craft Beer Month

There’s lots of events and special days for Virginia in the month of August,   the most important being craft beer month in Virginia!  Check out these links for additional info on events, etc.

A list of all Virginia’s wonderful breweries:

Full List of Virginia Breweries

Hop Varieties

A little dated, but this infographic is a handy chart of the flavor and aroma of the main hop varieties, divided by their basic characteristics into seven general categories. It was created by a Tim Kreitz, but based on work by homebrew author John Palmer.